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- og underviser med focus på flow og fordybelse

Sarah Maria Fritsche

I am trained as a scenographer and works with composition and story. Besides the scenography I also work with handpulled prints. I like changing between diferent printmaking tecniques, because they all offer different ways of expression, that enhances different motifs and compositions.

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The three different

Printmaking tecniques


is a family ofprintingmethods where a printing block, plate ormatrix, which has had ink applied to its non-recessed surface, is brought into contact with paper. The non-recessed surface will leave ink on the paper, whereas the recessed areas will not. A printing press may not be needed, as the back of the paper can be rubbed or pressed by hand with a simple tool such as abrayeror roller. In contrast, in intaglio printing, therecessedareas are printed.


In the intaglio family of printing, the recessed areas are printed by inking the whole matrix, then wiping the surface so that only ink in the recessed areas remain. Much greater pressure is then needed to force the paper into the channels containing the ink, so a high-pressure press is normally needed. Intaglio techniques include engraving, etching and drypoint.


In the planographic family of printing, the entire surface of the matrix is flat, and some areas are treated to create the print image.[1]Planographic techniques include lithography and offset lithography.

Artist, scenographer who teach with focus on flow and contemplation

Artist Statement

As an artist, I stay close to home. I make pictures that hold the moment.

Childhood interests me; the child’s innocence and frailty; the sense that the shortest times leave the deepest impressions. Exploring different media, formats and techniques, and using fewer strokes, lines, surfaces or elements to tell the story more efficiently is part of the process.

Central to my work is composition: the relation between motif, background, space, anti-space, and detail. I render space visible in relation to the human, the human and the space as a composition. I am interested in the body as a landscape, the human as a phenomenon and the roles that we as humans take upon ourselves.

I see the portrait as a mirror of the ground we share. I use the human as material, reducing, enlarging and diminishing it to find its final form.

I am fascinated by 


Repetition, I like to repeat motif, both the same matrix with variations in colour, bagground and in junction with other motifs.

And the same line of motifs.

Plane and line- the stringens of the line and the space and antispace.

World building - making things matter - relations between human and space-

Teaching Ethos

Teaching is an essential part of my practice . My focus is on finding each individual voice, in flow and immersion. I encourage my students to experiment, and loves to se serendipitys turning artworks into unique gems.

Together we look at other artists work as well, to get inspired by multiple techniques and ways to adress the work.

Handpulled Prints

Handpulled prints are made from a matrix, the matrix is handmade by the artsist. It can be copper, wood, linoleum, or stone as in lithography. It is printed on a machine that ads pressure. When handpulled by the artist, it leaves the artist to take importent artistical desissions during the process. Each work of art will be an unique work of art.

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